How I got started & a few of my favorites.

Hi! I'm Lindsey! I'm a professional hair & makeup artist, wife, mommy and AVID essential oiler. I live in Charlotte, NC with my amazing, handsome, super supportive husband and cutie patootie, light up my life 4 year old son. I believe in being the best version of ourselves through positivity, laughter, grace and patience. 


Almost 5 years ago, when I became pregnant with my son, I started paying more attention to what I was putting in and on my body. I stumbled across essential oils and immediately became interested. I learned a few basics, like how they can help support your immune system, eliminate orders, and of course- they smell good!

I ordered a diffuser and a few oils from Amazon to start my oily journey. Soon, after learning more, I bought Lavender (to help sooth Parker and create a relaxing environment to help sleep), Tea Tree (because I had read it helps with acne- thank you post-pardum hormones!), Peppermint (to help energize, ease stuffy nose symptoms, and head pressure). I also had my blend I used for immunity support, another blend for deodorizing the house, and a blend that smelled amazing during Christmas. At this point I loved essential oils and found real benefit from using them. (Little did I know... hehe).


I went on using these oils for nearly 3 years! Then one day  after yoga, my friend (who I happen to share my amazing studio with) and I went back to the studio to do some work. She happened to have her Young Living Deep Relief roller in her desk and let me try it on my shoulders.

O-M-G! I seriously couldn't believe the potency of those oils! Within minutes, I was feeling less and less tight in my shoulders. I was amazed at the difference in these Young Living oils compared to what I had been using for a few years. Talk about an eye opener!


After we chatted away that evening, I signed up for my wholesale membership and bought my Premium Starter Kit right then and there!


Now my oily passion (a.k.a. obsession) looks a little more like this... 


Ok, let me back up... I was SOO excited to get my Premium Starter Kit (PSK) and see all of the goodies that were inside.

Not only do you get 11 bottles of goodness (oils), you also get 2 packets of Ninxa Red (this tasty little drink does so much for our overall health! It Supports energy levels, normal cellular function, normal eye health and whole body health! It is also the highest antioxidant beverage in the world!), sample oil packets and sample oil bottles.

So let's take a closer look at the magic... I mean oils.

A few of my favorites are:

Lavender: to soothe skin and promote faster healing, to calm my self and my little man and promote better sleep.

Peppermint: to decrease pressure in my head, ease stuffy noses, flavor water, invigorate the mind.

Purification: to ease the itch from bug bites, to eliminate orders in the house, towels, shoes, etc.

PanAwa:y to soothe achey muscles.

Lemon: to flavor water (helps detox the body), eliminate orders, invigorate the mind, etc.

Thieves: I can't say enough about this one- it's an absolute staple in our house to support our immune systems.

These days, with so much talk about what is actually in our personal care products, cleaning products, etc. I've really tried to do little by little and get those nasty chemicals and fillers out of our house and daily routines. So I make my own all purpose cleaner, window cleaner, carpet cleaner, lotions, face serums, roller bottles, pillow spray... basically you name it- I make it. And all with these amazing Young Living Essential Oils. (On a side note- the science behind essential oils, how and why they work, is pretty mind blowing!)

I am utterly thankful to my friend for introducing me to Young Living. I use them every single day for any number of things- from skin care, hair care, and all things beauty... to health and wellness... to emotional clarity and  balance. They have truly changed my life and I hope to share my love of them and get them into as many lives as I can.